Myofascial Release is a gentle soothing treatment modality where the practitioner works with the tissue to bring about fascial change. Trigger Point Therapy is a hedonic based treatment (balanced between pleasure and pain) where the practitioner works with the tissue to restore bio-mechanical balance and tone within the fascial network. Myofascial release and Trigger Point Massage are both types of physical therapy that focuses on reducing myofascial pain syndrome by applying sustained pressure into the connective tissue and its restrictions. Through the use of manual manipulation and pressure, I massage and stretch an area of rigidity within the tissue in order to release the trigger points and adhesions, returning the muscle to its natural form and function. 


A myofascial trigger point, or "knot", is a hyper-irritable band of tissue where portions of muscle fibres are held in a contracted state. They are thought to form in response to trauma, unaccustomed loads, sustained postures, repetitive behavioural movement patterns, emotional stress and hot/cold environmental factors. Trigger points cause swelling within the muscle tissue that results in adhesions forming as layers of tissue become stuck together. This elicits an unnatural shift in the bodies tensegrity structure that results in detrimental tensile forces throughout the body causing soft tissue pain and muscular dysfunction. 


Practitioners of Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy identify areas of patients asymmetry and employ massage techniques that balance their patients bodies fascial network, by releasing the adhesions and trigger points within the tissue. This in turn restores optimal bio-mechanics and improves muscle and joint range of motion, relieving pain and minimising the long term detrimental effects of poor posture and intrinsic aging.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this modality or if i can help with any of your soft-tissue concerns.

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