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Oxygen Facial Therapy is a non-invasive advanced dermal therapy treatment that aims to increase cellular activity by delivering pure oxygen into the skins cells. Much like our body requires oxygen to survive and thrive so do our cells. By increasing the oxygen available to the skins cells we can effectively increase cellular respiration, speeding up cell turnover and cellular activity, so that our skins cells are working harder and more effectively. Oxygen facial therapy is delivered as a cool soothing blast of pure oxygen to the skin from the treatment wand with most clients find it very relaxing. This increases circulation and a cells ability to use nutrients, shed dead cells, detoxify the tissue and lay down new skin cells. It is perfect for rehydrating the skin, boosting collagen production, and detoxifying the tissue so as to leave a cleaner, plumper, fresher and more even dewy looking complexion... and the results are immediate, with most clients noticing a difference after just one treatment. Long term results can be seen in the form of a thicker dermis through the stimulation and proliferation of fibroblasts, that lay down more collagen giving a firmer and smoother appearance to the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

The recovery time is also very fast, if not non-existent. Slight erythema (redness) may last a couple of hours post-treatment, however that is generally caused by the active ingredients in the serum rather than the procedure itself. Oxygen facial therapy is a true lunch hour procedure, as this non-invasive, non-heat causing treatment, doesn't even require a break from your day to day skincare routine in order to have it carried out. 

This advanced dermal procedure is pain-free and is suitable for all skin as it uses enriching oxygen to deeply nourish the skin and kick start the bodies natural ability to self-heal and detoxify. Oxygen Therapy is an intensive anti-aging and regenerative skin treatment that uses the latest in skin rejuvenating technology to deliver proven histologically younger, thicker, plumper looking skin. 

The procedure is often paired with other advanced resurfacing treatments, such as laser resurfacing, skin needling or microdermabrasion, as the increased bioavailability of oxygen within the tissue increases the uptake of active serums and helps kick start the bodies innate ability to self-heal. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this modality or if i can help with any of your skin concerns.


Oxygen Facial Therapy steps of treatment


Cleanthe skin and remove impurities


Kill bacteria to minimise risk of infection


 Nourishing Oxygen Therapy wand increases cellular respiration


Specially formulated serum infusion for brighter, healthier & more radiant skin , 


Vitamin B to improve barrier function and cellular activity 


Broad spectrum

SPF 50+

Serve and protect


Indications for Oxygen Therapy:

  • Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction

  • Sensitive skin 

  • Dehydrated and dry skin

  • Sun damage and hyper-pigmentation

  • Oily skin

  • (Non cystic) Acne and atrophic post acne scarring

  • Skin texture and enlarged pores

  • Rosacea




Everyones skin is different, as a result all dermal treatments begin with a FREE consultation. This is to ensure your skin goals are being met and the treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs in a safe and efficient manner. 

Oxygen Therapy benefits

Promotes collagen

Reduces fine lines

Instant hydration

Increased healing

Reduces sensitivity

Revitalise cells


I use only the highest quality skin care products and cosmeceuticals, that have a wealth of scientifically proven efficacy and statistical data, allowing for the best results with minimal downtime and irritation to the skin.


Plasma fibroblasting is a revolutionary non-invasive advanced skin remodelling treatment that is highly effective and a remarkable low cost alternate to plastic surgery.

40min - $150
50min - $200

A relaxing treatment option that effectively increases cellular respiration for superior detoxification and skin rejuvenation. A customised active ingredient infusion accompanies all oxygen therapy treatments for an immediately plumper, fresher and refined skin tone. 

All the benefits of your typical Oxygen Therapy facial extended down to include both the face and neck. An excellent option for people concerned with a break down in collagen on the neck, creating loose or thin skin. Also, oxygen is a perfect remedy to calm inflamed skin due to shaving rash.  

90min - $450

A back to back advanced facial treatment of Oxygen Therapy and Skin Needling. This treatment option combines all the proven healing benefits of oxygen therapy with the incredible resurfacing effects of skin needling. Skin needling is the golden-child of the dermal world with a wealth of proven statistical data to back up its reputation. Give it an extra healing hand by combining this dynamic duo for superior rejuvenation results. Suitable for all skin types.

20min - $50

A great addition to any dermal treatment. Originally designed by NASA for space exploration, LED light therapy has been proven to increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone texture and clarity, as well as decrease fine wrinkles. Give any dermal treatment an extra power punch by adding LED light therapy to the end of your treatment.  

I accept cash and all major debit and credit cards.

Thank you.

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 12.05.31

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With today’s busy lifestyle, energy levels are quickly depleted. For our skin to thrive, we need preventative skincare products that restore vitality at a cellular level. We also need skincare products that continue to improve skin over time. Dermaenergy is a medical-grade skincare range that is designed for every step of your skin care journey.  Learn more...


Benefits of Oxygen Therapy:

  • Oxygen facial therapy boosts the oxygen content of the skins cells. Oxygen is used in cellular respiration and helps cells to extract the energy they need from the food we eat. An increase in cellular respiration means our cells can perform more efficiently as they have more energy.  

  • Oxygen facial therapy promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts that lay down collagen and elastin fibres; normalising dysfunction, thickening the skin, increasing elasticity and helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles by creating new skin cells.  

  • Oxygen Therapy restores moisture in the skin by increasing cellular respiration and in turn increasing circulation. The more nutrients passing by the cells means the more a cell can take up these nutrients for the betterment of ours cells health.

  • The use of active serums in conjunction with oxygen therapy can also increase the availability and uptake of nutrients into the skin cells. Helping to improve texture, tone and complexion.

  • The chemical exfoliation from the pre-treatment cleanser, and subsequent oxygen facial treatment, help break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, reducing skin congestion by clearing cellular debris from pores, whilst also increasing cellular respiration and the cells detoxifying capabilities. Leaving the skin looking brighter and felling luxuriously softer.    

  • Breaks the bonds between dead skin cells, revitalising dull, dehydrated and ageing skin 

  • Desquamation of skin cells via exfoliation reduces pigmentation within the skin, resulting in a brighter more even complexion

  • Increased ability to heal tissue due an increase in oxygen available to the cells

  • Increased ability to detoxify the cells due to an increase in oxygen available to the cells

  • Improved blood flow and lymph circulation leads to stronger blood vessels, better nutrient absorption and improved over-all skin health 


What to expect from Oxygen Facial Therapy:

  • This is a non-invasive procedure that is pain-free and has next to no down-time. It can be carried out on all skin types

  • The use of an AHA for two weeks leading up to the treatment can increase its efficacy

  • Oxygen facial therapy is a gentle facial rejuvenation skin treatment carried out in a medi-spa setting on a salon treatment table  

  • Firstly, a deep cleanse will be carried out to ensure the skin is free of oil, debris and ready for the treatment 

  • An alcohol swab is passed over the cleansed face to kill bacteria and help minimise the risk of infection

  • The Oxygen facial therapy treatment will then begin. The technician will hold the skin while systematically passing the oxygen infusing handle over the face.

  • The procedure itself is very gentle and feels quite relaxing. A wet sensation my be experienced from the active infusion that accompanies the treatment.

  • A nourishing vitamin B serum is applied at the end of the treatment to help soothe the skin. Vitamin B is a powerful nutrient that plays an important role in mitochondrial energy metabolism within the cell, helping to improve cellular function and repair. It is also beneficial for barrier function as it boosts the production of the cells outer membrane. 

  • A broad spectrum SPF is then applied to help protect the damaged skin from UV radiation and the possibility of a pigmentary response. SPF should be worn at all times, especially for the first week post treatment as the barrier function is impaired.  

  • There is an immediate softening and brightening effect that is noticeable straight after the treatment.

  • There is a chance of redness and sensitivity post treatment due to the active ingredients, however, it usually passes within an hour

  • For best results the patient should be treated every 2 - 4 weeks for 4 - 6 treatments, depending on the condition of the skin 

side effects

Contraindications for Oxygen Facial Therapy:

  • Avoid sun tanning or tanning beds a week before treatment

  • Active herpes, bacteria, viral or fungal infection

  • Active acne 

  • Diabetes

  • Facial surgery in past 2 months

  • Open wounds or recent scars

Possible side effects for Oxygen Facial Therapy:

  • Swelling and erythema (redness) for 24 to 48 hours

  • Infection

  • Skin reaction from post procedure skin care

  • Post treatment pigmentation from in-proper sun protection


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