I'm the owner and operator of the Strong Therapy private clinic located at 7C Australia street Camperdown

I have over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, more than 10 years as a mixed martial artist and cage fighter, and over 13 years experience with Myofacsial Release and Trigger Point Massage.

I work to release restrictions within the tissue to bring about lasting fascial and structural changes within the body, and in my opinion, I provide one of the best and most intuitive Myofascial, Trigger Point and Deep Tissue Sports Massage treatments in Sydney... but don't take my word for it, come see for yourself! 


And if I can't get to the bottom of your soft tissue issues, I can make an educated recommendation on the best course of action you need to take in order to resolve them.

My understanding of the bodies biomechanics is always evolving, however, what is at the forefront is my desire to gain a deeper understanding of my body and how to get the best out of it physically, emotionally and spiritually.


This has lead me to include a daily practice of meditation, Qi Gong and Chakra work on top of my already extensive mixed martial arts, gymnastics and calisthenics training practices.

I am fascinated by the bodies fascial networks and how our behaviour patterns have a lasting effect on the way we move and hold our body. It is these patterns, both emotionally and physically, that can lead to disorders within the body, that I then target through my work on the fascial planes in an effort to bring the body back into harmony bio-mechanically.


Strong therapy is conveniently situated on Australia street Camperdown.

Just a 10 minute walk from Newtown station, or a 2 minute walk from the bus top on Parramatta road. It is easily accessible from the CBD.


For those who drive, Australia street boasts 2 hour free parking directly outside the private home based clinic. 

The clinic itself is a warm, clean and a comfortable space with full amenities, bathroom and shower facilities. I ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety practices are used, no matter the treatment, to help maximise efficacy and client comfort during and after the procedure.


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