Restoring Functional Movement Patterns through evidence based

work on the bodies Fascial Network 

Due to the ground breaking work of Dr. Janet G. Travell, we know that contractile tissue within a trigger point (knot) can have a negative bio-mechanical impact on the body, resulting in soft tissue pain and dysfunction.

Contractile tissue can be caused by internal or external factors, including, strain, overuse, emotional distress, poor nutrition, poor posture, exposure to hot or cold temperatures, lack of movement and trauma.  

The deactivation of trigger points can bring immediate relief of symptoms, freeing restriction within the tissue and returning muscles to work in their full pain-free range of motion.




One of the most intuitive Myofascial Sports Massage

Therapist in Sydney. 

With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry and 15 years experience working as a manual therapist, my understanding of the human bodies biomechanics is paramount.

I've had success with shoulder problems, rotator cuff issues, upper and lower back pain, rotated pelvis, pelvic tilt, rib subluxation, tennis and golfers elbow, knee vargus and varus, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tension headaches, rib subluxations and general soft tissue pain.

It is through my work on trigger points and the bodies Myofascial network that I am able to release restrictions that are often the cause of soft tissue pain, and if left untreated, result in injury to the tissue.


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