I offer a mens body hair grooming service, that includes laser hair reduction, waxing and body hair clipping.

Whether it is for sport, comfort or cleanliness trying to maintain the body hair in all areas of the body can be reminiscent of something from cirque du soleil. Which is why it makes sense to leave the strenuous yoga positions for others and let someone else take care of your grooming needs. 


This is a mens only service, carried out by a male clinician, so I personally understand your hygiene needs, and can address them in a clean, professional and relaxed medi-spa environment. 

I use only the best quality skin products and ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety practices are used to help maximise efficacy and minimise discomfort during and after the treatment.

Why manscape?!

Mens body hair grooming comes down to personal preference and men have a variety of reasons for trimming or removing unwanted body hair. Thick or excessive body hair can be a source of discomfort or embarrassment for some guys. While keeping body hair short and neat can help you feel cleaner, more confident, sexier, and can even have performance benefits depending on the sport you play. Couple this with increased muscle definition for all those gym junkies and the reasons for trimming far out weigh the reasons against.


I use only the highest quality skin care products and cosmeceuticals, that have a wealth of scientifically proven efficacy and statistical data, allowing for the best results with minimal downtime and irritation to the skin.


For the health and benefit of all my clients, to help reduce redness, discomfort and irritation, I use only the highest quality products with the safest and most hygienic work practices

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Practitioner only range available at Strong Therapy Co.

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