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Welcome to Strong clinic, where cutting-edge technology meets effective solutions for men's health concerns. Explore the groundbreaking realm of shock wave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a non-invasive and clinically proven treatment that restores confidence and intimacy.

Shock wave therapy for ED utilizes advanced acoustic waves to stimulate blood flow, regenerate tissue, and enhance vascular health in the male reproductive system. With our state-of-the-art treatments, men can reclaim their vitality and overcome the challenges of ED without surgery or medication.

Discover how shock wave therapy is revolutionising the approach to ED treatment, and take the first step towards a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life. Experience the transformative benefits of this innovative therapy.



PRICE LIST $250 per 15-20 minute treatment

What is Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive treatment option for erectile dysfunction (ED) that utilizes low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis. This therapy stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the penile tissue, leading to enhanced erectile function and improved sexual performance.

What to Expect During Shock Wave Therapy Sessions

During a shock wave therapy session, a trained therapist will apply a specialised device to the penis. This device emits low-intensity sound waves that are directed towards the areas of the penis affected by ED. The procedure is painless and typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Most patients report feeling a tingling sensation during the treatment.

Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy

  • Improved erectile function

  • Enhanced sexual performance

  • Increased sensitivity and pleasure

  • Non-invasive and painless procedure

  • Minimal to no downtime


Indications for Shock Wave Therapy

Shock wave therapy for ED is recommended for individuals who:

  • Have mild to moderate erectile dysfunction

  • Are looking for a non-surgical treatment option

  • Prefer a drug-free solution for ED

  • Want to improve their sexual performance and satisfaction


Contraindications for Shock Wave Therapy

While shock wave therapy is generally safe, it may not be suitable for everyone. Contraindications include:

  • Severe erectile dysfunction

  • Penile implants or prosthetics

  • Certain blood clotting disorders

  • Active genital infections

  • Severe heart disease or uncontrolled hypertension


Possible Side Effects

Most patients experience no side effects from shock wave therapy. However, some individuals may experience mild discomfort or bruising at the treatment site. These side effects typically resolve on their own within a few days.



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