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Radio frequency Micro Needling is effective skin remodelling treatment that uses energy waves and gold plated dermal needles to puncture and heat the skin causing an immediate contraction. This initiates a reparative response within the cells so they lay down more collagen, thickening the skin tissue, reducing pigmentation and bringing back a more youthful glow. This modality is also good for facial sculpting as it is effective at reducing volume in the nasolabial folds, reducing the appearance of marionette lines and remodelling the under chin and jaw areas. It is also extremely effective at reducing fine lines and scars. 





WHAT IS IT What is Radio Frequency. Radio frequency therapy, or RF skin tightening, is a non-invasive, non-ablative advanced skin remodelling treatment that uses energy waves to induce thermal damage to the deep layers of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue in order to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The wand from a medical grade radio frequency device is passed over the skin, heating the underlying tissue to over 40 degrees, and causing an immediate retraction and tightening of the tissue. This thermal trauma initiates a reparative response within the skins cells that results in the proliferation of fibroblasts (cells) and the laying down of new collagen and elastin fibres, thickening the skin tissue.  The procedure is suitable for all skin types as radio frequency therapy does not disturb the basal layer of the skin and has no effect on the melanocytes (cells) responsible for the production of skin pigmentation. This medical-grade cosmetic procedure is relatively painful free with excellent results achieved from just one session. However, for deeper long term results the accumulative effect of multiple treatments may be needed. The visible effects seen instantaneously are due to the retraction and tightening caused from the controlled thermal damage administered via the RF wand. Continued remodelling will take place for up to three months post treatment, as the body continues to remodel and repair the skin tissue, laying down more collagen fibres and thickening up the dermis. RF skin tightening is a widely used safe and simple skin remodelling treatment that has a proven track record. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this modality or if i can help with any of your skin concerns.

WHAT TO EXPECT What to expect from Radio Frequency. This is a non-invasive procedure that produces none to minimal discomfort and no down-time. It can be carried out on all skin types There is no need to adjust any home skin-care routine before having this treatment carried out.  Radio frequency therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment carried out in a medi-spa setting on a salon treatment table   Firstly, a deep cleanse will be carried out to ensure the skin is free of oil, debris and ready for the treatment  An alcohol swab is passed over the cleansed area to kill bacteria and help minimise the risk of infection The RF therapy treatment will then begin. The technician uses a RF wand passing over the area to be treated in a grid fashion so as a thorough treatment is performed. Throughout the procedure, it is common for the patient not to feel anything throughout the treatment as radio frequency works deep below the skins surface. Due to the nature of the skin, with skin cells constantly renewing, the signs of ageing and collagen lose will start to show again over a period of time. This is why it is recommended to stay on maintenance treatments every year or so depending on the condition of the skin.   A nourishing vitamin B serum is applied at the end of the treatment to help soothe the skin. Vitamin B is a powerful nutrient that plays an important role in mitochondrial energy metabolism within the cell, helping to improve cellular function. It is also beneficial for barrier function as it boosts the production of the cell outer membrane.  A broad spectrum SPF is then applied to help protect the damaged skin from UV radiation and the possibility of a pigmentary response. SPF should be worn at all times, especially for the first week post treatment as the barrier function is impaired. For best results the patient should be treated every 1-2 weeks for 1-6 treatments, depending on the condition of the skin 

BENEFITS Benefits of Radio Frequency. The heating effect from RF therapy causes a retraction in the skin tissue, resulting in an immediately noticeable tightening and firming of the skin.   Increases the proliferation of fibroblasts that lay down collagen and elastin fibres; normalising dysfunction, thickening the skin, increasing elasticity and helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles by creating new skin cells.   Exposure to UV radiation causes the deterioration of collagen fibres, resulting in skin tissue to break down and become disorganised. RF can help normalise this dysfunction, reversing some of the signs of sun damage.   RF can help address body skin laxity by restoring collagen density and function, tightening loose body skin and reverse dermal atrophy. RF therapy is safe and effective treatment option to use on the face. It is the dominant technology in the non-invasive management of skin ageing and laxity. RF generates thermal energy that is not absorbed by the epidermal melanin, meaning it is safe and appropriate to use on all skin types.

INDICATIONS Indications for Radio Frequency. Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction Skin rejuvenation Skin laxity Dull lifeless skin Crepey skin Scars Stretch marks Photo-ageing and sun damage

CONTRAINDICATIONS Contraindications Radio Frequency. Sun exposure 2 weeks prior Photo-sensitising medication Rosacea Inflammatory conditions Epilepsy  Cancer Pregnancy or breast feeding Thrombosis Active diabetes Autoimmune conditions

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS Possible side effects for Radio Frequency. Inflammation Swelling Tingling Erythema Pain or tenderness Burns Scarring Skin reaction from post procedure skin care Post treatment pigmentation from in-proper sun protection

Due to the nature of my business, I can't always take your call. However, if you text or leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Everyones skin is different, as a result all dermal treatments begin with a FREE skin consultation. This helps ensure your skin goals are being met and the treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs in a safe and efficient manner. 

50min - $350
60min - $450
40min - $250
60min - $450
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60min - $450
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20min - $50

Hyaluronic acid, Tazman pepper and Matrixyl (peptide) are combined in a luxurious signature DERMAenergy facial sheet mask for a soothing and nourishing finish to all dermal therapy treatment options. Designed to benefit all skin types, this specially formulated mask provides nutrients deep into the dermis to help aid repair and replenish hydration lost through intrinsic ageing. Topically applied HA has proven clinical benefits for turning back the hands of time. 

20min - $50

A great addition to any dermal treatment. Originally designed by NASA for space exploration, LED light therapy has been proven to increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone texture and clarity, as well as decrease fine wrinkles. Give any dermal treatment an extra power punch by adding LED light therapy to the end of your treatment.  






Originally designed by NASA for space exploration, LED light therapy has been proven to increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone texture and clarity, as well as decrease fine wrinkles. Best of all, this treatment is suitable for all skin types.

A day spa level of luxurious relaxation and  self-care.

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